The Urkesh Republic (Уркеш, formerly the Kingdom of Urkesh) is a fictional Eastern European country, within the former Soviet Bloc. Urkesh was a monarchy until around a decade after World War II, when the last ruling King sent his son into hiding in the United States. It has a major position as the center of a crossroads of the Orient Express, a pivotal continental train transport route in Europe that was commonly used in the 40s and 50s for travelers to get across Europe efficiently.

Urkesh is also the name of the country's native language, and was used along with Russian.


  • The incorrect Cyrillic script "ЦРКЕСЧ" is visible on both a "Taste of Urkesh" takeout bag, and the Urkesh Republic's Consulate Record for Asif Karimov in "The King of Columbus Circle". The correct Cyrillic would be "УРКЕШ" (oo·r·k·e·sh).
  • The real life, Urkesh was an ancient city-state (4th–1st millennium BC), just south of the present border between Syria and Turkey.