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"The Man in the Killer Suit" is the tenth episode of Forever. It aired on December 2, 2014.

Press Release[]

"When all the ingredients for a sensational, scandalous murder investigation are combined – a fairytale romance gone wrong, a jealous mentor and lover, an anxious, wealthy father of the beautiful fiancée - does love really conquer all? An engaged British aristocrat turns up dead in Central Park, and his identity is called into question, as well as who killed him. The trail leads Henry and Jo through one of New York's top luxury department stores and from working class to upper crust New York society. Henry remembers back to 1957 when, once again, he and his family had to pack up and move to protect his secret. Coincidentally, Abe crosses paths with the woman who he memorably shared his first kiss with as a youngster."[1]




Guest Starring[]

  • Laura Fraser as Patricia Abbott
  • Gary Basaraba as Norman Sontag
  • Katie Paxton as Emily Sontag
  • Mackenzie Mauzy as Abigail Morgan
  • Blair Brown as Fawn Mahoney Ames
  • Burn Gorman as Adam (uncredited)


  • Robbie Sublett as Colin Cavendish / Dwight Dziak
  • Adam Henry Garcia as Peter Guzik
  • Jeff Pucillo as Carl Hemecker
  • Laurent Giroux as Arturo
  • Turron Kofi Alleyne as Bike Messenger
  • Eli Tokash as Young Abe
  • Zachary Unger as Young Lyle


  • "What we try to hide about ourselves in life is revealed in death -- our fears, our insecurities, but most of all, our secrets." —Henry
  • "Does no one understand the difference between nobility and royalty?". —Henry
  • "The best impostors have many gifts. They can change their voice, their look, their manner. But there's a rule every imposter learns. The one truth we cannot hide is love." —Henry
  • "Someday you'll let me in when you're ready" - Jo to Henry


  • Dwight Dziak claims to be Viscount Cavendish whose family owns Devonshire Castle. However, Henry state Queen Victoria stripped the Cavendish family of their noble status and the entire family died out in 1881. This does not match real-world history: the Cavendish family is still alive; still hold the title of Duke of Devonshire; and Queen Victoria lacked the legal power to strip a family of their noble status.[citation needed]
  • At the end of the episode, Henry meets Adam for the first time and get kidnapped while he takes a cab home.




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