"The Last Death of Henry Morgan" is the twenty-second and final episode of Forever. It aired on May 5, 2015.

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Henry and Adam have been on a long, unrelenting collision course, which is about to come to a head – possibly bringing about one man's death – with only Jo standing in the way. Henry and Jo's murder investigation into a museum worker's death centers on a priceless missing ancient dagger, which not only ended the life of Julius Caesar, but also killed Adam the first time. Meanwhile, Adam knows that there is something that Henry fears more than death – that Jo might discover his mystery. The two men tangle in a tumultuous game-changing confrontation. But at long last, will Jo finally learn about Henry's secret?[1]




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  • "Do you think I'm afraid of death?" —Henry
  • "I'm not a killer. I'm a doctor." —Henry
  • "Don't worry. We'll find away out of this. We've got eternity together." —Henry
  • "None of us can make it through this life without suffering some kind of pain. Having lived through my fair share, I can tell you the most difficult to endure is loneliness. Adam was right. Life is a game -- and one that we must play. No matter how careful we are, there is simply no way to go through this life unscathed. But, fortunately for us, its a game we don't have to play alone." —Henry





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