"The Art of Murder" is the fourth episode of Forever. It aired on October 7, 2014.

Press ReleaseEdit

"The death of Gloria Carlyle, the elegant, seemingly ruthless matriarch of one of New York's wealthiest and oldest families, brings a world of hurt down on her family. After Gloria is found dead at a Metropolitan Museum of Art gala celebration of her philanthropy, Henry runs through a variety of suspects and motives but is pulled from the case when the family demands faster answers. Abe assists Henry and Jo entering the family's estate sale for important clues through his antique connections. Meanwhile, Henry is tormented by the haunting and melancholy memories that this particular art museum holds for him when it comes to the love of his life, Abigail, and their ironic personal history with Gloria. It all calls into question, what would you do for love?"[1]




Guest StarringEdit


  • Janie Brookshire as Young Gloria
  • Michael Oberholtzer as Lance Sharp
  • Sonya Harum as Sophia Carlyle
  • Timothy Britten Parker as Ray Berkowitz
  • Tom Titone as Arty Berkowitz
  • Erika Rolfsrud as Marta Rosko
  • Rufus Collins as Museum Director
  • Michael Early as Conrad's Attorney
  • Janelle Velasquez as Cute Girl
  • Aidan Pierce Brennan as Young Conrad
  • Clark Carmichael as Security Guard
  • Marc Webster as Uniform Cop
  • Elizabeth Ann Howell as Female Guest


  • "I never go to that museum." —Henry
  • "When Gloria Carlyle died, 91 years of worth of memories disappear in an instant. People, places, loved ones and enemies alike, all gone, lost forever. Even one distant memory of me. We can only imagine what her final thoughts were. Fear, anger -- we'll never know. Everything is forgotten in death. I, of course, can never forget, especially Gloria and the debt I owe her." —Henry
  • "I'm an M.E., Joe. I'm not sure I'm officially your partner." —Henry
  • "For the dead, all is forgotten. But all is not lost because they're remembered by us. Some we think of fondly, others less so. A few are remembered by many, and some by only a few." —Henry


  • Episode starts on August 30, 2014.




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