Pepper Evans was a jazz musician in the 1970's

Biography Edit

Pepper Evans was jazz prodigy, playing with Lionel Hubbard's band at the age of fourteen. He had a son named Izzy. After his daughter Ella was born, Evans wrote "6 A.M." and recorded it with Hubbard and Dovebird Records CEO Al Rainey. However, three days later, Evans was written out of his song and everything.

For thirty years, Evans played at train station. At some point, he told his son that he wrote "6 A.M.", not Hubbard. After he was told that his son was murder, Evans told Dr. Henry Morgan and Detective Martinez about what he gave his son the night he died. He told them he gave Izzy his old reel tapes. He then came to station to ask Martinez if they caught Izzy's killer. He then saw the button that was found in Izzy's car, seeing the "D.B." initials. He then lied to Martinez about it. Evans knew that D.B. stood for his nickname for Hubbard; Doughboy. He then went to Rudy's where his son's murder, Bud Gray to shoot him. However, he was stopped by Dr. Morgan who told him Gray was about to be arrested and Evans can still be a father to Ella. Evans is now known to everyone as the true writer of "6 A.M."[ep 9]

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