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Nora Morgan is a flashback character, having been the wife of Henry Morgan, the protagonist two centuries ago.


Nora lived in London of the 1800s. She was the first wife of Henry Morgan. In 1815, it was believed that Henry died at sea in an accident, although the truth is that he was thrown off from the side of the "Empress of Africa" after being shot for trying to protect a near-fatally ill slave and for attempting to start a slave revolt.

When he came back home, he found Nora in mourning in a cemetery above his grave. Overjoyed that she had been misinformed and that Henry had survived the encounter, she embraced him and they went home to resume life anew.[ep 8] The same week, Henry, struggling with the knowledge that he had come back to life after being killed, was sulking in thought. Thinking he could trust his wife with this knowledge and that she would consider it out of trust for him, he attempted to confide in her. However, she did not believe his claims. After arguing, Henry was willing to prove his immortality by slicing his wrists and coming back from another death. Nora, believing her husband had gone mad and frantic to make him stop, falsely told Henry that she believed him. Behind his back, however, she consulted another physician about the matter and Henry was sent to Charing Cross Asylum, a mental hospital. He tried to stop it, claiming there was a mistake, but Nora told him that she just wanted him to get better, the doctors then forcibly took Henry away.

Later on during a private visit in the asylum, Henry once again tried to persuade Nora of his immortality. However, she still refused to accept that Henry might have been telling the truth, believing him to be mad and would rather see him subjected to the harsh "treatments" and "therapies"of the time (such as waterboarding, a novelty then) so he could "get better".[ep 11] Her betrayal caused Henry to completely abandon her and their home after his escape from the asylum.

It was later revealed that fifty years later in 1865, an elderly Nora saw an illustration of Henry in the newspaper. Seeing that he still appeared the same as he did fifty years ago when she last saw him the asylum, this convinces Nora that Henry's claims of immortality are true and she goes to visit him at his new medical job. Confusing the staff by claiming that Henry was her husband, Nora was briefly hospitalized after she passed out upon seeing him again. During her stay at the hospital, Nora claimed she was overjoyed to see him again, admitting that she never remarried after he disappeared. Henry however, still holding resentment and anger towards her, reminded her that she sent him to lunatic asylum, knowing full-well what they were going to do to try and "cure" him of his supposed madness. Nora tried to apologize, acknowledging that she was wrong for not believing him. Now knowing that her husband was immortal, she tried to claim that Henry had a duty to share his immortality with the rest of the world, believing it was a gift. However, Henry angrily refused to reveal his immortality, saying she had ruined his life once before and he wasn't going to let her do it again. After their exchange, Henry diagnosed Nora with mild hysteria and sent her home.

Later, a nurse later informed Henry that Nora had returned to the hospital, now outright claiming that Henry was immortal to the public. However, these claims were obviously met with complete disbelief and caused the hospital staff to consider sending her to a lunatic asylum. Henry briefly tried to dissuade the nurse from doing so by claiming that she was just a confused old woman, as despite the fact he no longer wanted Nora in his life, he did not want her to be subject to the same horrible "treatments" he himself had suffered in an asylum fifty years prior. Nora then entered the hall where Henry was working and continued to claim that he needed to share his gift with the rest of the world. She then pulled a gun out and attempted to shoot Henry in an effort to forcibly make him revive in front of everyone, thus proving his immortal nature. However, the nurse jumped in front of the gun to save Henry, killing her as she took the bullet instead.[ep 17] A distraught Nora was then taken away by hospital staff, pleading for Henry to help her. Her ultimate fate is unknown.


  • Unlike Henry's second wife, Abigail Morgan, Nora wanted Henry to reveal his immortality and unsuccessfully tried to force him to reveal it to the world, despite knowing that he would likely be experimented on and locked up permanently until the secret of his immortality was discovered.
  • Despite all that she put him through, Henry still kept a picture of himself and Nora in his possession.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "It's a miracle!" —Nora, upon Henry's return[ep 8]
  • "I believe you." —Nora[ep 8]
  • "I just want you to get better!" —Nora[ep 11]


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