"New York Kids" is the seventh episode of Forever. It aired on October 28, 2014.

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"Dr. Tyler Forester, founder of a free medical clinic and the son of a Wall Street billionaire, is awarded one of the city's highest honors for his humanitarian efforts. A few hours later, he is found dead in his tiny apartment. Henry and Jo discover that Tyler's life of privilege and those of his thick-as-thieves Hamilton School classmates took a fateful turn one night many years ago. Now, the nightmare they thought they buried deep within themselves has come back to haunt them. Meanwhile, Henry recalls being faced with the terrible dilemma of being forced to decide between saving a man's life and protecting his own secret. Now, he is faced with the same predicament, but will he come to the same conclusion? And Abe shares a deeply held secret of his own with Henry."[1]




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  • "Every crime, like every person, has its secrets. Some are never revealed, while others are hidden in plain sight." —Henry
  • "You know, you live long enough, you learn a thing or two." —Henry
  • "We can train our bodies to forget. But not our minds. And one thing living forever teaches you is that your past, your secrets, mark you always, like it or not. There are things for all of us that even all the time in the word wouldn't be able to erase." —Henry





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