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Molly Dawes (also known as Iona Payne) is a recurring character in the series Forever. She is portrayed by Hilarie Burton.



Dawes has a PhD in Psychology from Yale University.[ep 16]

When Dawes was 27, she worked as a therapist. She became close to one of her patients, Joseph Briggs, and had an affair with him. When she tried to break up with him, he committed suicide, resulting in Dawes losing her therapist license.[ep 8]

At some point, Dawes became a domination therapist, using the name "Iona Payne" or "Mistress Payne". She works as a dominatrix to treat her patients with consensual pain.[wp][ep 8]

In addition to domination therapy, Dawes also teaches courses at New York University.[ep 16]

Relationship with Henry[]

Dawes and Henry Morgan first met following Richard Gaines's murder. Gaines was one of her patients and Henry and Jo were investigating his murder. Dawse showed Henry how some of her BDSM equipment worked. During the investigation, Henry and Dawes felt a mutual attraction to each other and it hinted that they could start a relationship.[ep 8]

One of Dawes's students from New York University was murdered so Henry was investigating it. Henry and Molly's relationship progressed much faster and they kissed multiple times. Molly was stabbed by Jennifer Schroeder, the person who murdered the victim. She was rushed to the hospital and after she awoke from her surgery, Henry told her that he was developing feelings for her.[ep 16]


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