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Henry already figured that out, didn't he?
— Hanson to Jo

Detective Mike Hanson[ep 13] is a main character in the series Forever. He is portrayed by Donnie Keshawarz.


When he was younger he took his brother Anthony's toys and eventually his prom date by sleeping with her.[ep 14]

A Brooklyn native, Detective Hanson works alongside Detective Jo Martinez. Hanson began as a proud member of the NYPD’s “Boys in Blue” immediately after high school graduation and worked his way up to its elite squad of homicide detectives. He is a family man who lives with his wife, Karen, and two sons in Queens. Unafraid of bending the rules to get the job done, Hanson is sometimes skeptical of Dr. Henry Morgan’s talent but often admires its effectiveness. Hanson even revels in taking sarcastic jabs at Henry’s “demonstrative talents” but is committed to the job and will stop at nothing to bring the killers who terrorize New York City to justice. During the investigation of Karl Haas's murder, Hanson was forced by his brother, now a dock worker, to apologize for something in the past, such in exchange to inspect cargo container Haas's artwork collection and Julian Glausser. Hanson then apologized for sleeping with prom date and found Haas's artwork and Glausser's mutilated body.[ep 14]

Notable Quotes[]

"Henry already figured that out, didn't he?"

”I’ve got nowhere to go but home, and I never wanna go there.”


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