Lt. Joanna Reece is a character on ABC series Forever. She is portrayed by Lorraine Toussaint.


A Philadelphia native, Lieutenant Joanna Reece is the newest member of downtown Manhattan's 31st Precinct. Hired by the New York City Police Commissioner to "whip the downtown precinct into shape," Lt. Reece is a stickler for protocol but will give her detectives room to improvise when needed.

Although not entirely excited about Dr. Henry Morgan’s "instincts," she allows him to partner with Detective Jo Martinez because his special talents have helped solve a number of the precinct's homicide cases.

Though quick to reprimand Henry, Reece secretly admires his innate ability to see the unseen in a case or victim, as well as the effect his friendship has had on Jo, who is her prize mentee. Lt. Reece is tough and resolute but often surprises her detectives by backing them up when they least expect it.

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#1 "Pilot" absent
#2 "Look Before You Leap" Appears
#3 "Fountain of Youth" credit only
#4 "The Art of Murder" Appears
#5 "The Pugilist Break" Appears
#6 "The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths" Appears
#7 "New York Kids" Appears
#8 "The Ecstasy of Agony" Appears
#9 "6 A.M." Appears
#10 "The Man in the Killer Suit" Appears
#11 "Skinny Dipper" Appears
#12 "The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn" Appears
#13 "Diamonds Are Forever" credit only
#14 "Hitler on the Half-Shell" credit only
#15 "The King of Columbus Circle" Appears
#16 "Memories of Murder" Appears
#17 "Social Engineering" credit only
#18 "Dead Men Tell Long Tales" Appears
#19 "Punk is Dead" Appears
#20 "Best Foot Forward" Appears
#21 "The Night in Question" Appears
#22 "The Last Death of Henry Morgan" Appears

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