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I don't get it, Henry. A man would have to have lived ten lives to have picked up what you have.
— Jo to Henry
in "The King of Columbus Circle"

Jo Martinez is a main character and a detective with the New York Police Department.[1]


Detective Jo Martinez is a New York City native and one of the youngest officers of the New York Police Department to make homicide detective. She has been working as police officer for at least ten years.[2] Jo's sharp, no-nonsense instincts and her ability to close difficult cases have given her a tough-as-nails reputation on the force, despite also dealing with the untimely loss of her husband.

Working with Dr. Henry Morgan was initially a challenge for Jo, but over time the investigator has come to appreciate Henry's annoyingly "creative approach" to solving homicides. Combined with Jo's quick-fire cop instincts, Henry's deductive talents have not only contributed to a successful partnership, but also to a budding friendship.

She's very devoted to Henry, she covers him a lot in front of their boss and never says a thing about his suicidal instincts.

It's probable she has doubts about his immortality as he drops a lot of clues on her and in the Pilot, she indeed saw him jumped off the roof.

Jo is from Harlem [3]. Her father Victor Martinez Jr was a criminal[4], he went to trial and is serving his time in prison[5]. One can only assume he probably killed someone. Jo wanted to be the opposite of her father.

In "Dead Men Tell Long Tales", Jo and Isaac Monroe went out on a date.

In "Best foot Forward", Jo clearly demonstrated the fact she developed (romantic) feelings for Henry as she skipped a trip to Paris with Isaac to go back to him.

In Twitter's Q&A, Matt Miller mentioned that Jo was going to find out about Henry's immortality at the end of season 2 and would accept him and their romantic relationship would start from there.

Memorable quotes

  • "You are one perplexing man." —Jo to Henry, "The Man in the Killer Suit";
  • "Some day you'll let me in, when you're ready." —Jo to Henry, "The Man in the Killer Suit";
  • "You and I, we're not so different! We're both a little guarded, a little screwed up... A lot screwed up. And we both have killed people" - Jo to Henry in "The wolves of Deep Brooklyn"
  • "I don't get it, Henry. A man would have to have lived ten lives to have picked up what you have." —Jo to Henry, "The King of Columbus Circle".
  • You are someone who has frustrated me, and confused me and made me look at life in a different way. And most importantly... You have made me feel again! And for that, I will always be grateful" - Jo to Henry in " The last death of Henry Morgan"


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