Jennifer Schroeder is a guest character in the television series Forever. She ends up being the murderer in an investigation in the episode "Memories of Murder."


In the beginning of the episode, a college girl named Sara Clancy is killed. When Henry Morgan and Jo Martinez go to investigate, then go to Sara's apartment where they find her roommate, Jennifer Schroeder. Jennifer claims that in the last couple of months "Sara has changed." She and Sara took the same college class taught by Molly Dawes. After a long investigation, Henry realizes that Jennifer is the murderer and killed her friend Sara because of jealousy. They try and find Jennifer but she has Molly captive and is holding a scissors to her neck. Eventually, the police arrest Jennifer and get Molly away from her but not before the scissors punctures her neck and she has to be rushed to the hospital. It is assumed that Jennifer was convicted of murder and sentenced to prison.


  • Sarah Clancy (killed)
  • Molly Dawes (stabbed, almost killed)