Isaac Monroe was a wealthy hotelier.


Issac Monroe was a descendant of Enjiro, one of the 300 slaves aboard the "Empress of Africa", who was able to escape slavery to the north after revolting against the crew.[ep 18]

When he was ten years old, he saw his brother killed.[ep 19] Monroe then inherited a map drawn by one of the slaves. In 2015, Monroe then had salvager Capt. Rick Rasmussen find the remains the "Empress of Africa" and it's cargo. Rasmussen and his crew were then able to find the wreckage, it's cargo, and it's 7 million dollar treasure. However, when one of the diver's, Margo's brother, was killed, Margo blamed Monroe and Rasmussen for his death. Monroe was then given the gold and artifacts of the "Empress of Africa". Following the murder of Rasmussen, Monroe was suspected by Dective Martinez and Dr. Henry Morgan of murdering Rasmussen. At the time though, Monroe was at the Louvre. However, He then gave a speech at the Explorer's club, saying that he was donating it. Following his speech, he was then questioned by Martinez and Morgan. He then offered to go with them, but they turned him down. Monroe then sent Martinez roses and asked her out on a date to his apartment. However, Monroe was attacked by Margo, but was stopped by Marinez, Hanson, and Morgan. After talking with Reece, Monroe asked Martinez to go out with him again, but without the gun. Monroe then told Morgan about the slaves aboard the Empress, how they were able to take ship and escape the north. He also told him that one of the slaves drew a map so that one of their descendants like Monroe would find the ship.[ep 18]

Monroe then took Martinez out to the Trash Bar. However, the mummified body of a girl was found and ended their date.[ep 19]

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