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"Hitler on the Half-Shell" is the fourteenth episode of Forever. It aired on February 3, 2015.

Press Release[]

"Is Karl Haas a hero or a traitor and thief? When he ends up in the morgue, it starts an explosive chain of events with Henry and Jo racing to track — not just a murderer — but to solve a decades old notorious art crime. Karl's son, Erik, who is an art dealer, inherited from his father priceless works of art stolen by the Nazi's during World War II. Meanwhile, Adam pays an unsuspecting Abe a furtive visit, and Henry's paternal instincts force a face-off with his nemesis. Flashbacks take Henry to 1814 where he is shocked to learn that his own father's shipping company was involved in illegal and immoral practices. Finally, Abe receives a priceless gift."[1]




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  • "The average person is said to apologize 12 times a day. Often, it's to atone for a past wrong, an attempt to heal an old wound. But there are some wounds that can never be healed. They run too deep." —Henry
  • "Who's Indiana Jones?." —Henry
  • "I can imagine you felt quite at home among the Nazis." —Henry to Adam
  • "Atonement can take many forms -- a heartfelt apology, a grand gesture, a silent prayer, or something more complex, more gray, more difficult to decipher. And while it's true that no amount of atonement change ever change the past, it des have the power to heal us, to restore relationships and connections we thought were lost forever." —Henry
  • "what, no body, so you're doing an autopsy on a frame?" Jo to Henry


  • This episode may have been inspired by 2012 Munich artworks discovery.[2]
  • The main painting discussed is "Todesengel" by artist Max Brenner.
    • This painting and artist are likely fictional, though there was a young Holocaust survivor named Max Brenner who became an artist as an adult.[3][4]
    • "Todesengel" is a German term, also called "Engel des Todes", literally "Angel of Death". In English, the term "destroying angel" is used instead. It is part of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim beliefs.




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