Gloria Carlyle is the primary victim in "The Art of Murder". She was the heiress to a wealthy family and a patron of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met).[wp]


Gloria was the last living heir to John Arthur Carlyle, who founded New York Steel in 1901. She was born in the 1920's. In 1954, she gave an endowment to the Met.

Sometime in 1940/50's, she let Henry and Abigail Morgan gatecrash her party at the Met. By that time she was married and had a young son, Conrad. The marriage was unhappy and she was secretly in love with Fernando Costa, an unknown Argentinian painter. Gloria saw how in love Henry and Abigail were and encouraged Henry to marry Abigail.

At the beginning of the episode "The Art of Murder", on August 30, 2014, Gloria is hosting another gala at the Met. She is 91 and terminally ill. Instead of waiting to die, she decides to commit suicide and die looking at Fernando Costa's painting.