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Episode guide for the ABC series Forever. There was a total of twenty-two episodes which originally aired from September 22, 2014 to May 5, 2015.

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Forever Episodes


# Image Episode Title
Writer Director Airdate
1 1 - nude Henry.jpg "Pilot"
Matt Miller Brad Anderson September 22, 2014
Dr. Henry Morgan is killed by a subway train collision, and after his return from the Hudson, he is called by an unknown individual who says he saw his power of immortality. Abraham, Henry's confidant, convinces him to continue his routine until he feels he is truly compromised. Detective Jo Martinez, investigating the crash, finds footage of Morgan on the very train and suspects him of causing the accident until he proves the accident was murder by poison of the train conductor. The culprit used Aconite, a near instant and incredibly painful poison from the Monkshood flower, and is planning to use it in gas form to distribute through Grand Central Station as revenge on the train companies who were "responsible" for his wife's death on a subway track. Henry and Jo intercept the culprit atop the roof of Grand Central, where both are shot and Henry plummets from the roof of Grand Central with the murderer. After stopping the threat, Henry receives another call from the mysterious caller.
2 2 - Henry Lucas.jpg "Look Before You Leap"
Matt Miller Sam Hill September 23, 2014
A young woman who falls off a bridge is believed to have committed suicide until Morgan proves otherwise. Meanwhile, Henry receives a letter from his mystery stalker on old paper from the Italian Hotel where Henry fell in love with Abigail. In the present, the victim's professor, who was translating an ancient Latin codex with her, is the prime suspect until found dead, after being released on bail. Because the lack of evidence would exonerate the professor, and cause police to continue looking for the real killer, the professor's death was also made to look like suicide. Again, Henry proves otherwise and is saved by the police when he decides to confront the real killer. After solving the case, Henry gets a call from his stalker, now introducing himself as "Adam", to congratulate him. "Adam" claims that he shares the same immortality as Henry, that he has been alive for at least 2000 years, and that he and Henry will eventually meet in person as they have eternity together.
3 3 - Henry Jo subway.jpg "Fountain of Youth"
Janet Lin David Warren September 30, 2014
An elderly man dies from a youth potion that made his body younger, but caused his brain to age more quickly. Henry and Detective Martinez must race to determine the source of the potion before any more die from its effect.
4 4 - Gloria Carlyle newspaper.jpg "The Art of Murder"
Chris Fedak Jace Alexander October 7, 2014
Gloria Carlyle, the matriarch of a rich and powerful New York family, was found dead during a celebratory event in the museum that was organized in her honor. Henry was first reluctant to investigate the case as Gloria was pivotal in his life, having encouraged him to propose to Abigail. However, he is determined to complete the investigation after he is forced off the case by Conrad Carlyle, Gloria's son, and begins to delve into Gloria's tragic past.
5 5 - Henry Alejandro.jpg "The Pugilist Break"
Phil Klemmer John Kretchmer October 14, 2014
Henry and Jo investigate a wealthy businessman's connection to the death of a former convict, who ran a recreation center for children in New York's inner city. Meanwhile, Abe begins suggesting Henry let go of his attachments to various artifacts in the antiques shop. Henry reflects how the same poverty and discrimination has lived on from the time he worked in the late 1890s.
6 6 - Henry bleeding box.jpg "The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths"
Sarah Nicole Jones Zetna Fuentes October 21, 2014
When a human heart is delivered fresh out of a body to the homicide division, Henry and Jo end up in the middle of a Jack the Ripper copycat murder investigation. But it doesn't stop there. A second killing resembles another infamous, unsolved crime: the Black Dahlia murder. However, Henry's anonymous caller tips him to search beyond the clues of these classic killings and leads the police squad to profile a very different, yet disturbed suspect.
7 7 - Henry Jo.jpg "New York Kids"
Zev Borow Steve Shill October 28, 2014
A young doctor is found murdered in his apartment the morning after receiving an award for the extraordinary good work he does. Henry and Jo discover a mysterious Roman Numeral tattoo on his chest and that he is from a wealthy background which he has distanced himself from for unknown reasons. Henry and Abe are reminded of secrets they themselves hold that they are not proud of, while Jo denies to her Lieutenant that she is affected by the earlier shooting, prompting the Lieutenant to share some of her own secrets.
8 8 - Henry Molly.png "The Ecstasy of Agony"
Allen MacDonald Brad Anderson November 11, 2014
Henry and Jo investigate the unusual death of a businessman. A dominatrix named Iona is an early suspect, and Henry forms a relationship with her. Abe is visited by his ex-wife with a tempting offer.
9 9 - Henry Abe.jpg "6 A.M."
Dean Carpentier
Matt Kester
Peter Lauer November 18, 2014
The murder of the son of jazz saxophonist Pepper Evans prompts a series of reflections on father-son relationships and an investigation into issues relating to the rights to famous jazz song "6 A.M."
10 10 - Dwight crime scene.jpg "The Man in the Killer Suit"
Cameron Litvack Jace Alexander December 2, 2014
The apparent death of an English noble in New York to be engaged reveals that the man was leading a double life. Abe and Henry attend the funeral of Abe's old friend Lyle, who he as not seen in over 60 years. Abe hopes to reconnect with Lyle's widow, Fawn. At the end, Henry hails a cab driven by Adam, who takes him on a scary ride.
11 11 - Henry Abe.jpg "Skinny Dipper"
Chris Fedak
Phil Klemmer
Steve Boyum December 9, 2014
A confrontation with his fellow immortal results in Henry being forced to face the possibility that he will have to reveal his immortality to his colleagues, and the true identity of Henry's stalker is revealed.
12 12 - Henry Jo Oliver Clausten.jpg "The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn"
Zev Borow Rob Bailey January 6, 2015
Returning to work, Henry investigates the murder of a young investor, but the discovery that the victim is the son of an old friend of Abe's prompts Abe and his friends to turn detective themselves.
13 13 - Henry Jo.jpg "Diamonds Are Forever"
Janet Lin John T. Kretchmer January 13, 2015
A young man is hit by a car, Jo is forced to deal with unhappy memories of her late husband, and Abe investigates a theft in his shop.
14 14 - Henry Jo.jpg "Hitler on the Half-Shell"
Sarah Nicole Jones David Warren February 3, 2015
Stolen art from Nazi Germany begins turning up, and Abe begins to link the pieces together to know who his birth parents were. Abraham learns the names of his parents from an Auschwitz ledger given to him by Adam, who was tortured in Auschwitz by Nazi scientists researching immortality for Hitler.
15 15 - tea with Zarina Arnov.jpg "The King of Columbus Circle"
Phil Klemmer Matt Barber February 10, 2015
Henry and Jo investigate the murder of an exiled king who was dying of cancer; Abe continues his research into his family tree and discovers something remarkable about his bloodline.
16 16 - Henry Molly.jpg "Memories of Murder"
Anderson Mackenzie Zetna Fuentes February 24, 2015
A young NYU student is murdered, and it is revealed that she had been engaging in 1970s fantasy roleplay to help an older man relive memories of his late wife. The murderer turns out to be the girl's roommate, who had become obsessed with her. Iona, who has become a guest lecturer at the school, helps in the investigation and is attacked by the killer. She and Henry go out on a date, but he ultimately tells her that he cannot continue to date her because he is developing genuine feelings for her; they both acknowledge that he was badly hurt in a past relationship.
17 17 - message from Faceless.jpg "Social Engineering"
John Enbom Antonio Negret March 3, 2015
A member of a secret "hacktivist" group called the Faceless is murdered, leading Henry and Jo into the world of cyber-terrorism; Abe remembers his days as an activist. Henry is then blackmailed by a innocent Faceless hacker when she finds falsified records. She threatens to share these records with his co-workers. Faced with risking his co-workers finding out about his immortality or providing a fake death certificate for the hacker to disappear with Henry tears the certificate in front of the hacker. Before the hacker can send an email about Henry's records she is hit by a car. Later another hacker working for the cybercrime division of NYPD, finds the Faceless hackers phone and discovers Henry's false records on it. Henry then has to make a choice between saving the life of the Faceless hacker and keeping his secret, again.
18 18 - Isaac Jo Henry.png "Dead Men Tell Long Tales"
Chris Fedak
Matt Kester
Peter Lauer March 24, 2014
Henry and Jo search for missing gold and a murderer when the owner of a treasure hunting salvage company is killed; a wealthy entrepreneur pursues Jo; Adam thinks he knows how to eliminate the curse.
19 19 - Jo Isaac.jpg "Punk is Dead"
Ildy Modrovich John F. Showalter March 31, 2015
A woman's mummified body is discovered behind a wall in a famous punk club, where it has been since the 1980s. Meanwhile Jo begins to date the club's owner, though their budding relationship is complicated by the discovery of the body.
20 20 - ballet dancers.jpg "Best Foot Forward"
Sarah Nicole Jones
Zev Borrow
John Kretchmer April 7, 2015
A ballerina's foot is discovered, and they discover that this murder case is not actually a murder. Henry and Jo begin to become closer just as Abe discovers a lead on Abigail.
21 21 - Henry finds out the truth.jpg "The Night in Question"
Phil Klemmer Michael Fields April 21, 2015
Henry tries to find out what really happened to Abigail after she left him; the details of a horrifying secret are revealed.
22 22 - Henry.jpg "The Last Death of Henry Morgan"
Matt Miller
Chris Fedak
Brad Anderson May 5, 2015
In the series finale, the dagger that first killed Adam is rediscovered by a museum archivist who is then murdered, and the dagger taken. Working to prevent the detectives from discovering the existence of immortals, Henry determines that an antiquities specialist obtained the dagger in order to lure Adam, having learned of him from Mengele's journal. Henry's activities are noticed by Jo and Lucas, who both have heartfelt conversations with Henry about what he has meant to them. Adam draws Henry into a confrontation in the subway, shooting him with the 19th-century gun that first killed him; Adam intends that Jo, who has followed Henry, will either discover Henry's corpse or witness his disappearance. With the last of his strength, Henry injects Adam with a hypodermic needle. Henry then dies and disappears, to be reborn in the Hudson River within sight of Abe. Jo arrives after Henry is gone and finds his pocket watch. Meanwhile, the injection causes Adam to suffer an embolism, resulting in locked-in syndrome. Jo comes to the antiques store and reveals that she also found an old photograph of a timeless Henry, with which Adam had taunted him after finding it on Abigail's body. She demands an explanation, and Abe—who had previously advised Henry that he would need a confidante after Abe's death—urges him to "tell her." Henry offers to tell Jo "a long story."


# Title U.S. viewers
1 "Pilot" 8.59[2]
2 "Look Before You Leap" 6.85[3]
3 "Fountain of Youth" 5.69[4]
4 "The Art of Murder" 5.35[5]
5 "The Pugilist Break" 4.81[6]
6 "The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths" 4.95[7]
7 "New York Kids" 4.95[8]
8 "The Ecstasy of Agony" 4.23
9 "6 A.M." 4.43
10 "The Man in the Killer Suit" 5.17
11 "Skinny Dipper" 5.20
12 "The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn" 4.93
13 "Diamonds Are Forever" 4.75
14 "Hitler on the Half-Shell" 4.39
15 "The King of Columbus Circle" 4.62
16 "Memories of Murder" 4.66
17 "Social Engineering" 4.40
18 "Dead Men Tell Long Tales" 4.42
19 "Punk is Dead" 4.66
20 "Best Foot Forward" 4.06
21 "The Night in Question" 4.04
22 "The Last Death of Henry Morgan" 4.13

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