Crew for the ABC series Forever.


Writer Episode(s)
Zev Borow "New York Kids"
"The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn"
"Best Foot Forward" (with Sarah Nicole Jones)
Dean Carpentier "6 A.M." (with Matt Kester)
John Enbom "Social Engineering"
"Dead Men Tell Long Tales"
Chris Fedak "The Art of Murder"
"Skinny Dipper" (with Phil Klemmer)
"The Last Death of Henry Morgan" (with Matt Miller)
Sarah Nicole Jones "The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths"
"Hitler on the Half-Shell"
"Best Foot Forward" (with Zev Borow)
Matt Kester "6 A.M." (with Dean Carpentier)
Phil Klemmer "The Pugilist Break"
"Skinny Dipper" (with Chris Fedak)
"The King of Columbus Circle"
"The Night in Question"
Janet Lin "Fountain of Youth"
"Diamonds Are Forever"
Cameron Litvack "The Man in the Killer Suit"
Allen MacDonald "The Ecstasy of Agony"
Anderson Mackenzie "Memories of Murder"
Matt Miller "Pilot"
"Look Before You Leap"
"The Last Death of Henry Morgan" (with Chris Fedak)
Ildy Modrovich "Punk is Dead"


Director Episode(s)
Jace Alexander "The Art of Murder"
"The Man in the Killer Suit"
Brad Anderson "Pilot"
"The Ecstasy of Agony"
"The Last Death of Henry Morgan"
Rob Bailey "The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn"
Matt Barber "The King of Columbus Circle"
Steve Boyum "Skinny Dipper"
Michael Fields "The Night in Question"
Zetna Fuentes "The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths"
"Memories of Murder"
Sam Hill "Look Before You Leap"
John T. Kretchmer "The Pugilist Break"
"Diamonds Are Forever"
"Best Foot Forward"
Peter Lauer "6 A.M."
Antonio Negret "Social Engineering"
"Dead Men Tell Long Tales"
Steve Shill "New York Kids"
John F. Showalter "Punk is Dead"
David Warren "Fountain of Youth"
"Hitler on the Half-Shell"
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