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"Best Foot Forward" is the twentieth episode of Forever. It aired on April 7, 2015.

Press Release[]

The uber-competitive and passionate backstage world of ballet is the backdrop for Henry and Jo's next murder investigation. When a severed human foot encased in a blood-soaked ballet shoe turns up in a bin at the theater, Henry and the detectives race the clock to find the body in this high profile case. Flashbacks to 1929 Paris reveal Henry's emotional experience with a female sculptor friend when drugs collided with the pressure of artistic inspiration. Meanwhile, things have heated up a little too quickly between Jo and Isaac for Jo's taste, but Henry encourages her to overcome her fear of being hurt and take a chance on finding love. Abe engages Lucas' help in tracking down Abigail's whereabouts after leaving Henry. Finally, Henry contemplates whether he should try out Adam's theory about the gun that originally shot and killed him.[1]




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  • "Every human being on this knows that life is not without pain. For most of us, it's an inconvenience, a trial to be endured or avoided. But there are a select few who seek it out, who use it as a tool to create something so beautiful that it transcends this world and makes them immortal." —Henry
  • "Paris is -- well, lets just say that wherever you go in the world, Paris stays with you, for Paris a moveable feast." —Henry
  • "In my humble opinion, the single best thing to do in Paris is get lost." —Henry
  • "Wake up, start walking in any direction, really, and get lost. Wander the streets until you're so terribly weak that you have no choice but to stop at the nearest café and order something to eat with a glass or two of wine. And then setback out into the city. And do it all over again. But know that this regimen works best only if done with someone you find very special." —Henry, about Paris
  • "There are moments in all of our lives when we are compelled to ask ourselves, 'How far are we willing to go for what we want? How much are we willing to risk, to sacrifice, to endure?' Because it's one thing to yearn for something...but quite another to find the strength to achieve it." —Henry
  • "I didn't want to go with Isaac" - Jo


Jo and Henry grow closer as Jo nearly confesses her feelings for Henry after she didn't leave for Paris with Isaac. But they're interrupted by Abe.




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