Armen Arnov was the exiled King of Urkesh.

Biography Edit

Armen Arnov was born to King Aamin Arnov of Urkesh in 1940.[ep 15] In 1955, his father took him out of Urkesh on the Orient Express in Romania. On board the train, Arnov suffered appendicitis and his father had Dr. Henry Morgan and his wife Abigail perform an appendectomy on him that saved his life. Following the revolution in Urkesh that killed his father and family, Aronov became it's king and went into exile in New York for the next sixty years under an assumed name.

During his exile at some point, he married Zarina. However, when they learned they could not have children, his wife became depressed. Arnov then had an affair with a woman and had an illegitimate daughter named Lydia. When he learned that he was dying of lung cancer, he asked and bribed the head of the consulate to allow him to return to Urkesh to die in peace after he refused radiation therapy. He also reached out to his daughter Lydia who was working as a cocktail waitress at the Gilded Cage. He took her to a restaurant, Taste of Urkesh and told her that he was a king and that he wanted to show her his kingdom and give her diamonds. Lydia refused to believe him and left. However, a consulate worker Asif Karimov secretly poisoned his yak stew with Polonium-210. As he was feeding pigeons, he died. The police thought he died of lung cancer but Dr. Morgan discovered from his wife that he refused radiation therapy.[ep 15]

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